Hidden land drains on a recent extension project

Posted by on January 10, 2014 in News

Hidden land drains on a recent extension project

We were contacted by a customer who had recently visited one of our previous jobs. He was impressed with the quality of finish and the previous customer was more than happy recommended us to him.

On the first couple of days excavating the foundations we came across a unknown old clay pipe running the full length of our dig line. We broke some of the pipe out and noticed that there was clear water consistently running through it with the far lower end being totally blocked by tree roots and sludge on the neighbours property. The client had mentioned that the garden gets very boggy with the slightest bit of rain now he knows why!

We Consulted the water board to see if they had any records of it but to no avail. The building inspector was brought in to discuss this matter as constant running water and foundations don’t mix!

The decision was made to divert this running water into the surface water system connected to the down pipes and running in to the road. Although this sounded easy the land drain was a lot deeper than the pipes from the guttering and resulted in us having to connect the new pipe half way up the drive as to form a run from rear of property. Once this was all done the client noticed that the garden did not flood as easily and is noticeably drier.